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Know Your Options: Learn the Top 3 Most Cost-Effective Roofing Materials

Roofing is one matter that needs serious thought, especially when it is the roof above your head that has to be fixed or changed, altogether.

And when it comes to the subject of choosing your next roofing materials, there are several factors to consider. There is the durability of the materials to think of, which will determine how well your new roof can protect you from harsh weather and will also affect its longevity. Then, there is the factor of energy efficiency. This factor not only allows you to lessen your impact on the environment but also helps you be cost-effective. Plus, a whole list of other factors to think of.

But, apart from the factors already stated, the price of the materials is one factor that holds a significant part in your decision-making.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and find out 3 of the cheapest roofing materials available today.

Cost-Effective Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingles. These roofing materials are expected to last for as long as 30 years. And they are the most popular when it comes to cost-effectiveness. However, they are not as durable as other roofing materials. So, when you choose asphalt shingles for your roof, don’t go with the cheapest ones. Instead, look for those with a decent hail rating.

  • they would cost around $30-$50 per bundle.

Wooden and shake shingles. Usually made from cedar or redwood, which are fire-resistant, these roofing materials last from 30 to 50 years. Unfortunately, even with an impressive lasting time, they are not very durable. So, do check their hail rating and choose one that’s good enough. What’s good about these materials is that they are twice as efficient as asphalt shingles since wood is a natural insulator.

  • cost around $160 per bundle.

Metal. Lasting for 30 to 50 years, this roofing material is usually made out of steel, copper, zinc alloy or aluminum. While they are more expensive than asphalt and wooden shingles, they are more durable. They are impact-resistant and require less maintenance. They are also energy-efficient which can keep your home cooler, especially during summer.

Some of the more expensive materials include a plastic polymer, slate and solar glass.

Being cost-effective has a significant impact on the type of roofing materials you choose, which will ultimately affect your whole house and your life. This is why it should not be the only factor that will make you decide on something.

Make sure you think of everything, from durability to efficiency and everything else, that will make your roof be the best protection you can have from the elements. When you are done with this, you will certainly have strong, reliable and cost-effective roofing over your head.

But don’t forget to choose the right roofing company to affix your roof, too. This factor has the power to make or break the roofing materials you choose. If your contractor does a poor job of setting up your roof, then it won’t be as durable as expected. But if you hired the right people, you are assured of having a strong and lasting roof.