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Asphalt Shingle Recycling and Re-Use

Asphalt Shingle Collection
Shingle Collection Points Across Colorado

Welcome to the wonderful world of shingle recycling! We’re glad you and your company are interested in becoming part of Colorado’s asphalt shingle recycling efforts.

Roofs to Roads is working systematically and persistently to develop the market for recycled asphalt shingles. Eventually, as this market develops, roofers will be paid for tear-off shingles, just as you can receive money for scrap metal. We are working with the Colorado Department of Transportation to approve the use of recycled asphalt shingles in CDOT asphalt paving projects, which will open the door to greater use and better economics for roofers!

Each company is independently owned and operated. Please contact them directly current pricing and hours of operation.

North-East Denver:

Brannan Sand and Gravel
2500 E. Brannan Way (main office)
Denver, CO 80229

Pit R 2401 W 60th Street. (Tipping Site)
Denver, CO 80229
Feydra (contact)
303-964-9453 (pit)
Dean Rossi (contact)
303-534-1231 Office
303-356-3073 Mobile

The fed-ex billing number to use to send in your shingle samples for asbestos testing is: 4826-3758-2 Remember to fill out the lab form including adding your e-mail address. Blank forms are available

Brannan has implemented a $100 tipping fee per load. You must purchase a "Pit Pass" at the main office prior to being able to tip at the tipping site. Pit Passes are available 9-4 weekdays. Please give a copy of the asbestos test results to the gatekeeper when you are tipping.

Brannan is leading the way in asphalt shingle recycling by requesting roofs be tested for asbestos prior to bringing them in to tip. It is possible for asbestos fibers to be present in tear-off shingles; since the shingles are ground to be incorporated into asphalt pavement, dangerous asbestos fibers could be released. The sampling process is easy and there is no cost to you. The roofer training will provide you with all the information you need to support this important effort. Brannan is currently the only collection point that is going this extra mile. By supporting Roofs to Roads and Brannan in this effort, you are directly supporting market development, which will benefit your business.


Heritage Recycling Center
6395 Pecos Street
(tipping fees apply)
Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc.
Huron Recycle Center
(Opening Spring 2011)
Denver Metro - 64th Ave. & Huron
(tipping fees apply)
Gary Stillmunkes

Colorado Springs:

Asphalt Recovery Specialists
2725 Akers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Steven Seder
Phone: 719-596-2988
Fax: 719-574-1145

Grand, Summit, Eagle County /Rocky Mountain Region:

Shingles for Recycling Valley Recycling and Disposal
210 CR 21
Parshall, Colorado
(Between Granby and Steamboat Springs)
Adrian Bloomfield 970-531-3323

In Boulder County and Northern Colorado:

Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc. (ASCI)
Erie Recycle Center
3220 WRC 8
Erie, CO 80516
1 block southwest of I-25 & WCR 8 (Exit 232)

(tipping fees apply)
Gary Stillmunkes
Quince Recycle Center 9113 Quince Street
Henderson, CO 80640
1 block east of I-76 on 88th Ave (Exit 10)
(tipping fees apply)

In Aurora:

Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site
Waste Management
3500 South Gun Club Road
Aurora, CO 80018
(720) 876-2650
Tipping fees apply

Roofs to Roads Colorado - 303-641-2749 -

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Advanced Technology Grant, Region 8 of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Boulder County Resource Conservation Division's Community Outreach Program. Their support for our project is making our success possible.